Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: The Ickleblogger

Hey pretty planner people!

Long time no talk! I'm sorry that I haven't written in awhile, but I'm just starting to get settled after our trip. We had such an amazing time at home with our families, it kind of made it difficult to come back!

But, alas, here we are!

I am back today with another amazing Etsy Shop review.

The Ickle Blogger is a shop from the UK. I had found her on Instagram and what had drawn me to her shop was the adorable "Beans" that she had listed in her shop. Usually when I order from shops not in the US, I expect quite a long shipping time. But with this shop, they arrived SO quickly. I was completely shocked.

But besides the shipping, the quality and color of these stickers are perfect. I love functional stickers and they are always my go-to. The quarter boxes from her are definitely a staple in my collection. The price is also incredible. You can definitely get a lot for your money!

Here are the stickers that The Ickle Blogger sent me:

Colored Balloons
(These also come in glitter)

Mini Glitter Flags
These fit perfectly in the Sew Much Crafting WO1P with grid! I have stocked up on these!

Light Glitter Quarter Boxes

Bright Color Quarter Box

Glitter Computers

Light Quarter Boxes

Ickle Bean Planner People
These are BY FAR my favorite!!!

Ickle Bean BBQ Chefs
SOO cute! Even cuter in person!

Bright Glitter Quarter Box

Now you can see what I'm talking about. They are even prettier in person, and the prices are amazing.
I hope you head on over to her shop, and check them out!

I hope you all have a happy Wednesday, and a great rest of the week!

Until next time,

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