Thursday, August 11, 2016

How I use my planner for my fitness journey

Who would have thought that I could use my "hobby" to change my life?

Throughout my planning and organization journey, I've used it for almost everything. I planned a wedding, a made in through undergrad and graduate school, and I planned a moved to a new state 4000 miles away.

So I should have taken my own advice.

Planning works.

Paper planning works for me.

I always knew I was a visual person. I was that girl who always took handwritten notes and used multiple color highlighters to make them stand out. I printed everything and probably killed a lot of trees. But it worked for me.

So.. why not use it to make a lifestyle change?

I grew up playing soccer and running track. Running always seemed to come natural and I was good at it. I got a scholarship to play soccer in college, which was where my running declined. I hated running because someone told me too, or because I was being timed. When college ended, so did my work out regiment. I was lashing out, and it was only hurting myself.

I have a wonder metabolism (and trust me, I thank God for that). I can pretty much eat anything I want and not worry about gaining weight.  

Or so I thought....

Recently I've done some self reflection.

A major change I knew I needed to make was my health journey. I have a few health problems which makes it even more important to get control of it. I suffer from acid reflux, and I have a bad kidney. Both which can get worse if I don't start taking control of my body.

I don't necessarily eat bad, but I like my sweets. I also don't like to eat "meals", but rather I like to eat often throughout the day. I have never been a fan of meat, but you can bet that I will eat all of the stuffing and mashed potatoes.

I realized that I had a lot to change.

I am blessed that my husband has always been into working out and fitness. He has always asked me to go with him, but I would always turn him down. I don't turn him down anymore. I have him remind me of the goals I have set for myself. We also sit down and come up with a meal plan together so we are both eating things we like, and they are healthy.

Now the whole point of this post...


I had always hoarded tons of work out and fitness stickers, which never got used.
I am now using that to my advantage. If I put it in my planner, then it has to get done. Also, it makes my layouts cuter! I also use a habit sticker. By putting workout on the top of a habit tracker, it makes it visual. I can see that I am slacking or letting myself down if I don't have anything checked off.

I love that I am using something that I have always known to work, to make myself better. I am trusting in a system that I know works.

Planning is something that is what works for me, and it continues to be a blessing in my life.

Even the littlest of things, such as planner stickers or habit trackers, can make such a difference in your life if you know what works for you.

I hope this is helpful to you, and that it encourages you to use your planner to help make changes in your life that you've been wanting to make!

Until next time,

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