Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Guest Post: Miss. Lindsey Downey & Travelors Notebooks

Does Planner Peace Exist?

When my girl Jennifer asked me to guest host on her blog, I jumped at the chance. I've always wanted to start my own blog, but now with a 7 month's next to impossible. Me and Jen met through the wonderful world of planning. Planning is always something I've been passionate about, even as a little girl. I was always fascinated with paper products and adored going school shopping knowing that fresh notebooks, paper and pencils always seemed like a new beginning...a fresh start. Now as an adult (with a little family of my own) planning is as important to me as ever.


I use planning as an outlet. A "brain dump" sort of thing. My mind is constantly going a mile a minute, so it helps to have somewhere to throw all of my thoughts, ideas, even recipes. I got back into planning this past winter. After having my son in January I found myself sitting at home bored while he slept, so I skimmed YouTube. I watched many "plan with me videos" and decided to give it another go. I have tried every planner I have come across, with the exception of ones that I had wanted, but were sold out at the time (my wallet is grateful.) I have tried the "Simplified Planner" by Emily Ley, "The Day Designer" by Whitney English (in both the mini size and flagship size), an "InkWell Press" Planner. I have purchased two "Color Crush" ring bound personal planners as well as a medium "Kikki-K." I have purchased two "Blue Sky/Day Designer" for Target planners (both of which have never been used...), also a "Passion Planner."


After many trials (and even more errors) I decided to jump on the travelers notebook bandwagon and purchase a notebook from "Chic Sparrow" in the pocket size. It is an adjustment trying to make a pocket size work, but I have come to realize that even with a new baby...I don't always have much going on. During the week it's usually working all day then time with my son then pretty much bed (for the both of us). I realized that I just needed a place to jot down my thoughts, to do's, groceries, books to read, etc. The portability of the little leather notebook as well as my ability to throw it in an overly-stuffed diaper bag make it perfect for me...if only I could come down with a concrete set-up that I am 100% in love with. A system that makes me not want to purchase every new planner that comes across my Instagram feed. For now I am committed to making this little pocket planner work. I guess the elusive "planner peace" is always just a tad bit out of reach.

-Lindsey from @Lindsey.Downey

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