Friday, August 26, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: SamanthaMaeSticks

Happy Friday friends!

I hope you all had an amazing week!

I'm back with another amazing Etsy shop for you to see!

Samantha is the owner of Samantha Mae Sticks! Being in Hawaii, its often difficult to find planner stickers that don't take 10 days to arrive. When I saw that she was from Hawaii, I knew that I had to make an order. Not only did these stickers arrive the day after they shipped, but they are ADORABLE.

She offers both matte and glossy stickers. I am a matte girl, but she included a few extras that were glossy. Both paper types are great quality.

I did order most of these stickers, and am so glad that I did. I love her colors, and the kiss-cut is great. Majority of her items that are posted come in different colors and patterns. There are several stickers that you can get in glitter as well! She is awesome to work with, and such a sweetheart.

My favorite stickers that she included are definitely the glitter balloons! I cannot wait to use these to mark birthdays and special events that we have coming up! I will definitely be purchasing more.

Below I included photos of the stickers that I received:

Glitter Balloons

Glitter Laptops


Cat Icons

Daisy Sunflower Coffee Cups
(These are the CUTEST stickers ever)

Floral Planners

Doodle Planners

Heart Bubbles

Heart Labels

Floral Labels

Doodle Coffee Cups

Freebies Included

I am so thankful that Samantha worked with me, and that I now have a dealer on my island haha!

If you are from Hawaii and you read this, you definitely want to check her out for quick shipping and great products!

But if your not from Hawaii, you will STILL want to check her out!

Below is her shop link:

I hope you go and check out her shop! I promise you won't disappointed!

Until next time,

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