Monday, August 8, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: The Kristal Palace

Happy Monday my friends!

I'm back today with another Etsy shop that specializes in planner stickers.

Every time I do a spotlight series, I'm always amazed at the creativity these women have. Each sticker I have received is always unique and personalized to their shop. The time that goes into creating these kits and stickers, while running the shop must be exhausting. I am always so thankful when shops work with me because I understand that.

Kristal sent me some of the CUTEST sticker kits that I have ever seen.

She sent me 2 kits, a monthly kit, and a few individual sheets. My favorite kit that she sent me was the birthday kit. I already have a post-it note on my birthday week next month to remind myself to use the kit from Kristal.

Here are the stickers:

Birthday Weekly Kit

The colors and patterns on this kit are absolutely gorgeous. I love the deco kit & the happy birthday banner. It works perfect for me because my birthday is on a Sunday this year which means an entire weekend of birthday adventures!

Her check boxes are my FAVORITE. I love the doodle-like heart and the way she includes all the patterns into each box.

Heart Check Lists

Neutral Floral Dots
(These match both the montly kit and the weekly kit that she included)

Plan to Plan Planners

Special Edition Kit
This is a neutral floral kit. It is absolutely beautiful in person. Kristal's attention to detail on this kit was spot on. I can't wait to see how this looks in my planner. Look at that ombre floral check box! Swoon!

And lastly, she generously included this...

Monthly Kit:

I had put it into my planner (I was too excited) before I could take a photo of the 3 sheets that come with the kit. But here is a photo of what it looks like inside your planner! I believe she plans on making these every month so make sure you stop by her shop before September rolls around!

Kristal does an amazing job on her stickers, and I love how unique her stuff is.

She has a whole shop full of adorable stickers, so click the link below and head on over to check her out.

I hope you enjoyed this haul, and that you go check out The Kristal Palace today!
Until next time,

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