Thursday, July 21, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: HeyJaeDesigns

Hey planner friends!

Today we have another spotlight series of a wonderful shop! 

Hey_Jae_Designs is a shop that you can find on Etsy, and always has month long sales that you can find on her Instagram (@hey_jae_designs)
She offers a variety of stickers that are available for all different planner types. She offers beautiful kits, icons, kawaii icons, and a ton of functional stickers. 

I am always a fan of a shop that has a one-stop-shop nature. You can get just about anything you need right at her shop, and you would be happy! The quality, the color, and the customer service is amazing.

She was so kind to send me some of her adorable stickers!

One thing I love about her shop, is the colors that she offers. Each sheet has a variety of bright rainbow theme colors that will match any spread! 

Cheat Pizza Day

Family Time

Meeting Labels


Work Labels

Workout Flags

After reviewing her stickers, I am totally obsessed. I personally love the flag workout stickers with the heart. I am going to use them as a checkoff! I am hoping that will help motivate me to get my workout in! 

Thank you so much to Hey_Jae_Designs for sending me these gorgeous stickers, and I hope you all run over to her shop and get yourself some! 

Here's her shop link: 

Until next time,


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