Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Etsy Blogspot Post: Plannersliltreasures

Happy Tuesday my friends!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week!
I am starting this day with two of my favorite things: a cup of Kona coffee and my Erin Condren Planner. 

Along with my planner, I have the CUTEST stickers from PlannersLilTreasures!
I came across her shop during one of my Etsy searches, and she was kind enough to include some extras in my purchase!

I can definitely start off by saying that I really don't think this will be a one time only purchase. The quality of Yessi's stickers are perfect. I was never one for Kawaii stickers, but I'm totally obsessed with hers. 

She has so many different stickers to choose from! 

Here are a few that I have!

Cleaning Set:
This includes sponges, spray bottles, a broom, duster, a mop and buckets, and a vacuum. I love this kit and have already used a bunch of them!

Iced Coffee
Seriously cute. 
I like that I can use this for coffee, or the famous bubble tea.

Cheat Day Stickers
Such cute "fattening food"! Makes me feel less guilty haha! ;)

Feather Kit
Oh. My. Gosh. I can't even deal with the cuteness of this kit.
This kit includes both functional and decorative stickers. It is perfect for any planner, but fits perfectly in the Erin Condren!

Mason Jars
I mean - come on! I love this summery drink stickers! I cannot wait to put these to good use!

 The next 3 stickers are for shopping. I feel like I am constantly shopping in Hawaii, haha! 
My favorites are the little baskets with the food sticking out! How ADORABLE! 

I'll use these for when I get to sleep in, or maybe take a nap. Which are MY favorite!

I love these! Since we do alot of hiking, walking, and working out here in Hawaii, these are perfect. I can already see me purchasing another order! 

Now you can see what I am talking about. Everything about these stickers are perfect! The kiss cut, the color, and the design are all on point! I really love how they look in my planner and add cuteness to mundane tasks. 

Thank you so much Yessi for the adorable stickers and for a perfect purchase. 
I look forward to another order already!

Head on over and check her out!

Until next time my friends,

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