Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A few words and a wonderful Etsy shop

Hey beautiful people!

Today I feel so blessed. Before I start my post on Chelsea's shop, I just wanted to take a second to talk about the planning community. For as long as I can remember, I've always been a "planner". I may not have always used washi tape or stickers, but calender's and pens were my thing. I remember as a young girl, my favorite thing about going back to school was going into homeroom and having my new planner on my desk. Yes, it wasn't an Erin Condren, but you can bet your bottoms I went home and put my personal touch on it. 

What I didn't have then, was an amazing community of women who are always there to support each other. This planning community is made up of wonderful people who were brought together by there sheer love of paper, pens, and stickers. I have seen this community raise money for a woman who lost her home in a fire, be there to hold the hand of a woman just diagnosed with cancer, and simply help each other through events in our lives that we just need a little extra prayer. This community is more than just women with a paper obsession, it's a group of inspiring, creative, and beautiful people. I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this community and I know this is just the very beginning. I look forward to seeing the impact this community has in the world around us, and in the lives of the people in it. 

But with that being said, lets talk about Chelsea's shop. Chelsea is the owner of Finch & Sparrow Prints, She is also a stay at home mom who is working towards her degree. Chelsea had posted that she was looking for a PR team a few weeks ago, and I applied for it. I feel so blessed that she accepted me as part of her team.

I am not a person that would advertise something I didn't believe was worth the money, or poor quality so when I tell you that this are AMAZING stickers, I truly mean that. 

She sent me quite an assortment of stickers. The colors she offers are so beautiful, and the quality is amazing. The kiss-cut is perfect, and each sticker peels right off without hesitation. I love shops that offer a variety and you get that at Finch&SparrowPrint. 

Here are a few stickers that she sent:

Bill Due Icons 

Geodes Mini Kit

Black Floral Mini Kit

Laundry Day 

Pencil Checklists & Study Highlighters

Nautical Full Boxes

Succulent Full Boxes

Assortment of Mini Stickers 

 Chelsea has completely out did herself in this PR kit, and I may already have another order in! ;)
I truly believe that these stickers are amazing quality and worth every penny. Chelsea has amazing prices, so you are definitely getting more for your money.

But don't worry:

Chelsea was so kind to give me a discount code for my followers!!! 

Visit Chelsea at:

And save 30% by entering: holmes30 !!
I hope you all love her stuff as much as I do! 
Happy planning my friends :) 

Until next time,


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