Monday, August 10, 2015

Etsy Spotlight: Rory's Sweet Addictions

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Today I have a shop spotlight that has gone above and beyond for me. When I got Aurora's package, I almost fainted! I wanted to do her post right away but I knew I needed to wait. The hardest part was trying not to use the stickers before I had the opportunity to photograph them but you'll see that didn't work out as a few stickers are missing. :) ! She sent me so many stickers that if I made a comment on each sticker, we'd be here for years! 

Below are the stickers that she sent me:

Tassel Banners 

Pastel Teardrop

Nail Polish / Coffee Cups

Rubber Ducks

Trash Cans / Recycle Cans

Cleaning Samplers / Coffee Cups with Hearts

Woodland Creatures / Cameras

Dots / Donuts

Workout (bold)


Mason Jars and Flowers

Flower Circles

Movie Theme


Heart Square Check Boxes - Bold and Pastel

Heart Circular Check Boxes - Bold and Pastel

Label Boxes & Heart Stickers

Rainbow iPhones

Grocery Carts / Televisions

Ice Cream and Macaroons 

Washer Machines

Monthly Samplers

Mail Boxes / Envelopes

Laundry Baskets


Bold and Pastel Half Boxes

Weekend Banners 
As you can see below, she offers a variety of different kinds.

Heart Check Flags

As you can see, Rory makes some of the cutest stickers you will ever see as well as offers them in a variety of colors. I love when shops offer both lights and darks as some weeks you just want a vibrant page, while others you have a more relaxing pallet. All of her stickers are cut perfectly and peel off the page without a problem. 

Rory, thank you so much for allowing me to do your review, but by the looks of your stickers, you don't need me ;)

Here is the link to her etsy shop:

Rory Sweet Addictions is by far one of my favorite shops, and I know you won't be disappointed! 
She has a

Enjoy my friends,

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