Thursday, August 13, 2015

DIY Planner Stickers

Hey pretty girls (or guys if you're following)!
Today I'm coming at you with a different type of post.
Let me start with how I came up with this..
As many of you know, if you follow me on Instagram, I am engaged and planning a wedding for December. Money is very tight at this time, as everything I have is going towards the wedding. So a couple months ago, I went on a acrylic stamp binge and bought a TON of planner stamps. These consist of smaller words or icons that you may use in your planner. Things such as: Doctors, Vets, Errands, To Do, or a picture of a telephone.

First up: The things you need!

Planner Stamps:
I currently use 3 different types of stamps.

Studio L2e (this stamp is in the wrong packaging):

My Favorite Things:

Sweet Stamp Shop:
A few supplies:
Ink Pad - I'm a fan of black ink but you could do colored ink on a white sticker or you can do what I do!
Avery/Any brand stickers - I use the small rectangles and the circles. You can find both of these usually in the post-it section of any store. Wal-Mart has them both for $1.19 and you get a ton of stickers in each package.
Acrylic Block - You will need this to apply pressure to the stamps as they are sent to you on a thin piece of plastic.
Sharpies are my preference as they blend together really well on the stickers. I've attempted using Crayola markers and they looked awful so I just stick with my sharpies!
What to do:
1. Choose what Avery sticker works for you. I like an assortment so I do both circle and rectangle.
2. Color the stickers. I usually color a ton all at once so it's not something I need to do regularly.
3. Stamp until your heart is content.
4. Enjoy your DIY stickers, and the extra money you saved in your pockets!
The final product:
Here is just an assortment of stickers I made.
Keep going down, you'll see them close up! 

Check Lists/Balloons

More Check Lists

(Coffee Cups/Movies/Balloons/Mail/Day Off/Glasses)

How the checklists look in my planner!
I am totally obsessed with how this looks!
I think they look so adorable and vibrant inside the a5 Limelife Planner.
Its tough trying to find stickers that fit within the boxes since they are smaller than the normal ones, and the Erin Condren stickers don't fit.

Why this works for me?
1. You save yourself A LOT of money. You'll see each stamp set is worth about $15.00 max. You can reuse these forever as long as you take good care of them. Each sticker sheet you purchase on Etsy is approximately $4.00. You could get a stamp set for the cost of 4 sheets. Deal right?
2. They fit into any space. Whether you plan in a monthly, weekly, or daily planner, there is plenty of space to use these.  
3. They're so cute and personal. You can make whatever stickers you want and you won't feel guilty if they got lost or misplaces. They only cost about $.10 a sheet, even less.

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