Saturday, July 11, 2015

Etsy Spotlight: Sweet Pink Elephant

Hey girls!

Today I have a wonderful shop that I cannot speak more highly about. Lilliy is a wonderful lady that went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of. Lilliy reached out to me via Instagram and asked if I'd be willing to review some of her stickers. The first package she sent me, got lost in the mail. She quickly sent me a second package, and sent it priority.

I received them both on the same day. These stickers are absolutely incredible. I couldn't be more excited to share with you the goodies that she sent me. There are many stickers that she has sent that were duplicates so you will see a giveaway soon.

I usually go through and write about each sticker, but she has sent me so many stickers that it would take forever. Lilliy has so many different types of stickers from icons, samplers, labels, bills, etc, and offers a wide variety of colors.

Below you will see quite the assortment of stickers.

Watermelon Sampler

Tea/Garden Sampler



Glitter Gold Coffee Cups

Target Bulls Eye Heart

Pastel and Pink Sampler

Treadmill / Workout

Fourth of July Sampler

Lemonade Theme


Weekends (Bold & Pastel)

Breakfast (Sampler/Donuts)



Ombre Heart Checklists

Call Flags

Pastel Social Media Icons

Nautical Theme

Glitter Half Boxes / Labels

Nail Polish / Nail Appointment

As you can see, Lilliy makes incredible stickers. She offers a variety of stickers that would be useful to anyone looking to buy stickers.

My top 3 comments on Sweet Pink Elephant Etsy Shop:
1. Her customer service was incredible. The second she found out that her first package hadn't arrived yet, she had a second package in the mail. She stayed in communication with me the entire time to make sure I had everything I needed for my post. I cannot imagine the customer service she has for her customers. Lilliy was wonderful to work with, and I feel she is a wonderful business owner.
2. Her variety of stickers. There wasn't one sticker sheet that she sent me that wasn't unique.
3. The quality and color of her stickers. They are beautiful.

So there you have it folks, another adorable Etsy shop that you need to go check out.
She also included a wonderful coupon code for my followers:
JLD15 for 15% off $10.00 or more.

Click her link here:

Thank you Lilliy for participating in my BlogSpot!
I hope you all love her shop as much as I do!

Until next time,

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