Saturday, July 25, 2015

Etsy Spotlight: Kreative_Keo

Hey ladies!
Today has been a day that I've been excited for! Today I am doing my blog post on one of my most favorite ladies in the planner community.
Keosha runs Kreative_Keo (formally known as Plan*Cessories).

First off, lets talk about her adorable new logo. I think it's one of the best I have seen. It's simple, and gorgeous.
Keo and I met early on in my planning/instagramming days and just clicked! Keo makes wonderful products and has great customer service!
In this blog post you'll see two sets of stickers. The old set is from when she just started making her stickers and that's why they are still under Plan*Cessories.

We will start with the old ones:

Rainbow Flags (fit the EC boxes)

TV Icons

Tassle Banners

Emoji Stickers
(these are too DIE for)



Bills Due


Hello Weekend Banners

Cleaning Sampler

Healthy Food (Smoothies/Fruit Bowl)

Social Media Sampler


Work Sampler

We love EC's


And here are her new ones:
They still have her old logo but these are Kreative_Keo's stickers!

Happy Father's Day
These are used because Father's Day passed!

Lazy Day
I haven't been able to use these because I haven't had many lazy days!


Tribal Samplers

Lunch Date Stickers

Work Stickers

Love Making Reminders

Orange Glitter Half Boxes

Fourth of July Samplers

@ Stickers

Keosha does wonderful work. All of her stickers come perfectly off her sheets and the colors are gorgeous. She offers a range of different stickers that no one else has. One thing I love about Keo is her willingness to do anything for her customers. If I ever need a sticker made, she's my go-to and she does them wonderfully.

Head on over to Kreative_Keo and check out all of her wonderful products:

Thank you so much Keo for working with me, and allowing me to share your gorgeous stickers!

I hope you all a wonderful Saturday!

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