Saturday, July 18, 2015

Etsy Spotlight: ArchaeoPlannerology

Happy Saturday Planner Girls! 

Thank you all so much for checking in for another Saturday Sticker Review! 
Jillian, owner of ArchaeoPlannerology reached out to me on etsy a few months ago, and I've been holding on to her stickers for this review. Her stickers are absolutely adorable and different from anyone I've ever seen. She sent me a few of her best sellers and most commonly purchased. 

Below you'll see an assortment of stickers that are just a sneak peek of what she offers in her shop. 

Laundry Baskets


Coffee Cups

Teddy Bears

Day Off

(I already used the pizza sticker ;) )

As you can see from the stickers shown that her stickers are different from a lot of other Etsy shops. Aren't they all super cute?! She has a uniqueness to her products, which makes it so cool. I honestly hate when I see the same stickers shown on different Etsy shops, and Jillian offers that original design. 

Jillian offered a coupon code: Blog 7 - and that gets you free shipping on orders of $7+.

Head on over to her shop and check out her stickers.
Her links are listed below:
IG: ArchaeoPlannerology
Etsy Shop:
Until next Saturday my friends,

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