Saturday, July 4, 2015

Esty Spotlight: Burnt Owl Studio

Hey ladies!!!
I told you I was playing catch up today, didn't I? So today you get to hear about two shops.
The second shop is Burnt Owl Studios, that is run by Crystal.
Crystal reached out to me on Instagram a few months ago, and she sent me some stickers over to review.
As you'll see below, she has a variety of stickers and they are so cute.
These are so adorable. I'm going to use these for homework assignments, or important class dates. As many of you know, I'm still in school for my masters and anything school related, I just adore. I love the colors of these, and I like how different they are from others.

Crystal sent me 2 different types of laundry stickers. One set of washer machines, and one set of laundry baskets. I usually mark when I do laundry as I do it all at once, so it's nice to have a cute sticker to represent it 

I think these are the CUTEST!!!! They are just black and white weather stickers. What I think is cool is that she gives you the opportunity to color them and make them your own. If you're a flair pen user, you can use them to make these stickers your own. I really adore these.

Rescheduled stickers come in handy all the time. These are go-to stickers when you need to reschedule something like an appointment or coffee date. And I use the dots for checklists!

Star Checklists
ADORABLE! I don't think I need much explanation on how cute these are! I love the simplicity yet colorful look to these.  

These are always handy as Blogger is my blogging platform, and I use one of these a week! These always come in handy!

Same as above, my Instagram account is one of my main platforms as well. I will use these to mark things like giveaways, posts, or weekly layouts. I use IG frequently, and these will be used quickly. 

I love watching Netflix and Pretty Little Liars, and so these will be used to mark those! Crystal uses such different colors, and that's one thing I really like about her stickers. I'm living the yellow TV!

These are SO cute. The first set is a pedicure and manicure set, and the second is a hair set. I love sets that come with different options and a variety.

Who doesn't love using cameras? Cameras are always my go-to sticker, and I tend to accumulate tons of different ones. I love anything with a camera on it. And these are so cute, as you can see, I've already used one.

Crystal really makes amazing stickers, and has a variety to fit everyones needs. She was a pleasure to work with, and her products speak for themselves.

A few things I love about Burnt Owl Studio:
1. The variety of stickers that she offers.
2. Her quick shipping.
3. Her wonderful customer service.
4. The colors she uses are so unique and beautiful.

If you like what you see above, head on over to her Etsy shop and utilize this code that she's offered for my followers:
Code: JLD25 - 25% off your purchase
IG: BurntOwlStudio

Again, thank you Crystal for sending me these beautiful stickers and for allowing me to use your shop on my Spotlight.

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