Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's in my Limelife pocket?

I have had several people comment or email me asking what I put in the clear pocket that comes in the Limelife Planner. 
I know some ladies use it for documents or letters they need to mail, but I use it for sticker storage. 
When I was putting together the stickers for my pouch, I wanted to choose stickers that would be quickly accessible and bring a lot of color to my pages. If you've ever seen my pages, I use a lot of functional stickers; I use mostly labels, icons, or half square boxes. 

After looking at the stickers I've used, I realized I have an obsession with Krissyanne Designs stickers, so you will see quite a collection of hers below. I also used Libbie & Co, Mila Print Shop, and Ccheeksdesigns. 

Below I have organized the stickers in my pouch by shop, and included the link to each shop! 

Libbie & Co.

Krissyanne Designs

**These stickers are in ready to ship shop, so they may not always be available. She does allow you to be added to a mailing list, and will email you when the sticker you want is available.**

Mila Print Shop


I also use the front of the pouch as a dashboard to hold my post-it note lists. Here I just used full adhesive post-it notes, and using my Studio L2e stamp set, I created lists for my planner pages. 
If you go check out The Reset Girl on Youtube, she has tons of videos with her creating these.

Studio L2e-Listit Stamp:
The Reset Girl YT Page:
Full Adhesive Post-It Notes:

I hope this helps you if you are wondering what to use that pocket for in the front of your planner. This is the best way that works for me, and it allows me to keep some goodies on hand in case I don't have any other planner supplies with me!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!
Please comment below if you have any questions!

Limelife Planner Link:

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