Saturday, June 13, 2015

Etsy Spotlight: PlanIt Designs / Pineapple Paper Co.

Happy Saturday Planner Girls!
Today I am featuring a wonderful shop now known by Pineapple Paper Co. You'll see on the sticker sheets it says Planit Designs, but she has changed her name sense she sent these to me.
Lizzy was kind enough to message me on Etsy a few weeks ago, and wanted to be part of the spotlight series. I said absolutely, and I am so  glad I did.
Below you'll see a few things that she has sent me:
These are a a set of small flags, longer flags, and half boxes in a blue theme. These are so cute, and will go great in the Erin Condren July color themes. I thought it was cool how she has the same colors in different stickers so you could potentially have 4 weeks of stickers in 3 sheets. Great idea, Lizzy!!
Small, thicker flags:
Half Boxes
 Long flags
 How stinkin' cute! One thing I really appreciated about Lizzy, was that she addressed my kitten in the package. She wrote in the note that she packaged something for Willow, and that was important to me. If you guys have been following me, I'm huge on customer service and this was so awesome that she included a personal item in that addressed my planning needs. Thanks Lizzy, Willow appreciates her personal stickers!

These are super cute grocery bags. I love that she has pineapples peaking out the top. Cute little touch!

And these ADORABLE hearts. I'm actually going to use these for marking that time of the month. At least it will make that terrible time look cute in my planner! ;)
As you can see from the pictures above, that Lizzy really has great products and great quality. I am very appreciative of her customer service and personalizing my package.
It was a pleasure working with her, and I hope you go and check out her shop. She has tons options and different types of unique stickers.
Thanks again Lizzy! You're the best!!
You will NOT be disappointed.
She offered a lovely coupon for all my followers!
JENLYNNEFANS : 15% off purchase, expires on July 1st.
Until next time,

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