Saturday, June 20, 2015

Etsy Spotight : Milas Print Shop

Happy Saturday Everyone!
Today's post is about a wonderful shop known as Mila's Print Shop. Milena hooked me up, and completely shocked me with the package she sent me. Some of these stickers you'll see below, I've purchased, but she also sent me a bunch of them as well. Milena has some of the cutest stickers and sets that are original and adorable.
Below you are going to see an assortment of the stickers she has in her shop.
As you'll see some of the stickers are used, but that's because I had them before I was doing the blog post. I am very much obsessed with MPS shop and stickers, and you'll see below just why.
Frog and Bees
How stinkin' cute are these? I'm really not sure what I'm going to use these for, but they'll most definitely add some cuteness to my pages!

Movie Theme
Seriously LOVE these. My boyfriend and I love going to the Dollar Theatre and seeing movies so these will definitely come in handy. I love the hot dogs. Like I said, she adds things that are original and exclusive to her pages. Adorbs!

Meal Circles
I'm not one that plans my meals because I'm constantly on the go between all my responsabilities, but these are so cute. I'm going to be including these in a giveaway soon, so stay tuned on my IG. (@jenniferlynnedesigns)

Check out these ADORABLE banners!! I mean I have been waiting to use these since the package came in the mail! I have a thing for labels and banners, and these are so colorful and designed perfectly. I use them for important days, or things that need to stand out. They are the most perfect colors. 

Pink, Green, and Yellow Sampler
Seriously... I have a thing for samplers. I have one from almost every shop imaginable, and multiple from MPS. Milena includes almost everything you'd ever need on one sampler sheet and makes it so convenient. This is something you could throw in your planner pocket, and only need this. It's perfect, and the colors are gorgeous. 

Mini Flags and Arrows
I love using mini flags to mark little details in my planner, or making a check list out of them. She includes so many colors, and patterns on one sheet. She also includes 3 arrows/houses. You can use them for so many things. I'm going to use them for checklists or thing that I need to do around the house. 

Fourth of July Half Boxes
These are adorable red, white, and blue half boxes. I have so many uses for these as my boyfriend just enlisted in the Army. I'm going to use these to mark important dates for him like when he leaves for boot camp, when he comes home, and when he graduates. I am a very proud girlfriend 

Rainbow Sampler
Here is another sampler that Milena offers. This one has flags, half boxes, quarter boxes, and checklists. So cute!

Weekend Banner
As you can see I've already used one of these, because they are SO cute. I love the uniqueness of these, and I haven't seen anything like them before. I plan on using these for the next 10 weeks. Milena, you nailed it with these :)
Hairdryer and Straightener
If you know me, my hair is almost never done. It's usually in a bun, or a messy ponytail. These will most likely be included in a giveaway, so again,  stay tuned.

Yellow Pattern Boxes
These are so cute and so summery. I love the colors of this, and the different options she's included in her page.

Milena included an assortment of goodies on one page. She includes popcorn, cellphones, mailboxes, tv's, shopping carrts, and mixers! So cute and functional!

Gardening Set
I seriously love this set! I'm not really sure what I'll use it for, but most likely do a weekly theme on it! I love the rainbow fence. 

 Icon Labels
These are literally perfect. I cannot wait to use these in my planner! They are small and petite, and literally perfect! :)

Mason Jars
So adorable. I'm totally using these for check lists! I'm not sure I'll ever actually use them because they are way too cute!

Cleaning Icons
No one likes to clean, but at least you can make it look cool in your planner!

Mermaid Stickers
Another one that does not need any explaination. SO CUTE!!!!

Credit Card Icons
These are perfect for marking credit card payments, yuck! But they're cute!

Small Squares
These are so cute! I use them to write bills, and payment dates. They are small, yet colorful.
Event Labels
I love these! I use these when I'm making appointments. I'll write the time in the colored spots, and then write the event in the white spot. They are really use in a layout. 

Another Rainbow Sampler

I'm assuming this is the small sampler she includes with her orders. It's adorable. 
 Gold and Pink Sampler
I don't think this page needs an explanation. It's so perfect.

Half Boxes
She included two different sets. One is the criss-cross pattern in pastel-like colors, and the second are grid like with small hearts in the corners. Both are adorable. 


Small Icon
These are small icon stickers that cover just about any aspect in your planning.
As you can see, Milena does an amazing job at creating unique stickers that are perfect for her customers. I am so honored she wanted to be part of my spotlight, and gave me the opportunity to show her amazing shop.
If you see anything you like here, head on over to her shop and take a look! I can promise you that you'll find something you like!
Until next week my friends,

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  1. Thanks for sharing Jennifer. I'll stop by and add her to my favorites and check her out. Love the variety!


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