Saturday, May 9, 2015

Plan with me: May 11-17, 2015

Happy weekend, FINALLY!
I felt like this week took forever, what about you guys?
Ever since I started a blog and planner Instagram, people have been asking me to do a plan with me video. But because I hate being on camera and would much rather type my thoughts, hence my blog, I thought I would do a Plan with Me blog post. So we will see how it goes!
Usually I start my planning on the Thursday a week before. The first thing I do is pick out two different rolls of washi. The first roll is usually a thicker patterned roll, and then the second one is a thin roll. Below is what my planner looks like at the very beginning with just washi:
You'll also see the flag stickers that I use for my "work", whether it be for my internship, full-time job, or class.
Blue Floral Washi: Michaels
Black Stripes & Silver and Black :
Next comes weather stickers. I also track the weather because I plan my clothes the night before seeing as I get up before 5:30 am. This allows me to have a quick glimpse of what it will be like the next day and how I need to be dressed!

Next up:
I like to change the side "Weekly Goals & Notes" section. I use PlannerFrenzy's oval stickers to say To Do and this allows me to keep a running list of everything I need to get done this week. Once I write it on the side bar, I usually assign it to a day. I spared you the details on my weekly to-do lists, and wrote them in after the pictures!
Then next part is BY far my favorite!!
This year I've really gotten into functional planning. I love using functional stickers and simplistic versions of decorating. Below you'll see a few things that I love doing:
I love using the candles to mark birthday's. For this instance, I'm marking my kitten, Willow's, first birthday. It's important to me, so I make sure it stands out.
Stickers Below:
Both the credit card sticker and Blogger sticker are from one of my favorite shops- PlannerFrenzy.
The glitter sticker square came from Starlets Doodles.
The Blue Paw print came from Bnb Designs TX.  
Weather stickers came from and they're reasonably priced, and fast shipping!
The adorable money bag stickers come from the famous Libbie&co on etsy, and the car sticker came from Planner Pandemonium.
The blog computer came from PlannerFrenzy, and the super cute floral half box came from a RAK, so I'm not sure what shop it came from. 
The adorable little mail truck came from ThePlannerJunkie. She has such a cute assortment of stickers, you need to go check her out and stock up on these cuties. 
I have a really busy week at work and starting my new internship so I really don't have a lot planned this week, as I really don't know what to expect. When the end of the week comes, I will definitely post another picture to the end of this, and you'll see how it changes throughout the week.
Planning and organizing in my planner has become something that I really enjoy. The Erin Condren Planner has become planner that I depend on, and need to get by. I appreciate the creativity that it allows us to be unique and to make it our own.
Thank you guys for reading and listening to me blab about my planner hobby and what I do that works for me. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I'll be checking. I will also include all of the shops I mentioned, at the bottom of this post.
Jennifer Lynne Designs
Etsy Shops:
Planner Frenzy:
Bnb Designs TX:
Starlet & Doodles:
The Planner Junkie:
Libbie & Co:
Planner Pandemonium:
Krissyanne Designs:

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