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Limelife Planner Planner Review

It's that time ladies! I know several of you were looking forward to this post, and it's finally here!
Over the past 3 years I've been a faithful Erin Condren Planner user. I loved her stuff, and still do. But I needed a change for several reasons. I had also followed many Limelife Planner users, and always loved the color and style they have. They offer so many different types of layouts that will fit anyone's needs. Leslie and Tasha make an incredible planner that is extremely customizable.
I purchased a planner that begins in June through May. This is one thing that I like that separates them from EC. You can choose the time frame that you want to use your planner. EC only offers 2 options: 12 month that runs January - December, and an 18 month that runs July-December. That doesn't give you a lot of options, and it doesn't work with anyone's class schedule.

The paper of this planner is very nice and smooth. Although there is a little bleed through when I use the sharpie pen, it's not bad enough to annoy me, plus I could always use the g2's that don't bleed. The paper holds color very well, and I'm loving all of the bright colors that they put throughout the planner.

The Cover
Lets start from the very beginning: The Cover
Check out this adorable cover. The pink is so beautiful and bright. I opted not to have my name on the front because I'll be doing a lot of social work things this year, and I want to make sure that my name isn't on it. I chose this pattern because I know it's something that I could love all year.
I really like the color of this with the pink, gold, and white. And the quote really fits me. Overall, it's perfect if you ask me. 
As you can see from the picture, the coil is bigger than the EC coil, and I love that it'll give me room to expand, and never have a weird bulky feeling like my planner has now.
This picture isn't the greatest because I had to try and take a photograph where you couldn't see the glare. But head on over to my IG, and you'll see a better picture of it.

Front Plastic Folder
Right after the cover, she includes a small plastic folder for storage. Erin Condren Life Planners have a double sided folder which mine always accumulated tons of stuff. So for me, I enjoy the smaller folder for less accumulation. I will have a place to little things, like bills or note pages, but it won't be a catch all. I'm also considering using it as a dashboard for post-it notes.
Page One
 This is the front page. So when you open up the planner, this is the first page you see. It is so bright and colorful, and reminds you to only worry about today. Everyone needs that reminder every once in a while, right ladies? I seriously love the detail and color they have all the way through the planner.
Special Dates
Limelife includes this page of all the holidays that are in 2015 and 2016. They do this because they do not include the dates on their physical calenders. This works because if you don't celebrate certain holidays, you can customize it to fit your needs.
Important Dates
Here's another part of the Limelife Planner that I really love. I'm using this to mark all birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and important dates that you have coming up that year. I like doing it so that when I sit down at the beginning of each month to decorate, I have all the dates right there and I can make everyone's cards at the beginning of the month.

 Months at a Glance
They also include 2015, 2016, and 2017 months at a glance. They are SO pretty, and colorful. Although future planning terrifies me, at least this makes it a little more bearable. 

Monthly Dividers
One of my favorite things about this planner is that they have distinct cardstock dividers that dictate the months. The ECLP has dividers but they were just paper and right on that, was the monthly calendar. These are completely separate, and I love that. Plus the colors are so cute, and girly. I have already picked washi to go with each month ;)!

Here's an up close photo of the tabs. They are very sturdy and the notes and social media section have very colorful pages,
Goal Page
This portion is meant to set goals and meet them by a specific deadline. But I do not like to do that. For right now, I'm going to leave this alone, and try and do something else with it.  
Contact Sheets
This is another one of my favorite parts of this planner. The EC has this in a separate book, but I really wanted it in my planner. And when I saw this, I knew it was something that I needed to have, and I love it. It comes with 2 sheets, front and back.

Monthly Layout
I really love the simplicity of this layout. The boxes are a little smaller than the Erin Condren, but it's so pretty. I've already decorated it, so I love how it looks now. I love making monthly tasks for myself, and having everything on two sheets. I truly love the colors, and organized look of this layout. I don't feel overwhelmed when I look at it, and there is an entire set of boxes at the bottom that I can use for whatever I please. I don't have plans for it yet, but I have ideas!

Weekly Layout
Let me start out by saying how much I LOVE THIS LAYOUT. There is so much more room than what I'm used to. I love that she doesn't use much color on these pages, and it allows me to decided which color I want to use. It gives you space for a weekly To Do on the left side, with a weekly goal at the bottom. I haven't decided if I want to break it up into sections, or just do it as a morning, day, and night section. For the first week, I decided to do the MDN sections, but they'll be a lot of trial and error to come this next month.


Note Pages

I love how many note pages that are included in this planner. It allows me to add my own inserts and utilize this planner to fit my needs. My plans are to add wish lists, bill trackers, goals, and to-dos. There are approximately 52 pages, which is TONS of room for whatever you need. And they all have the cute glitter dots above the pages! So cute. 
Add Ons
Limelife Planner has an add-on section where they have several different things you can add into your planner. They offer: Photography, Budget, Menu, Fitness, Social Media, Current Projects, and To Do's. They also offer downloadable add ons, extra note pages, folders, and the ability to add additional months.
Social Media Add On
Out of all the options, I chose to add on the social media extras for $15.00.  I love this for so many reasons. Although I have a blogging notebook with my ideas and calendar's, this allows me to make goals and plans inside my planner. As you can see below, they have Facebook, Instagram, and Blog sections along with 2 overall goal sections which I like a lot.
This is the Social Media Tracking page that allows you to track your followers//subscribers, the amount it increases over the month, and any notes you may have. In the notes, you could do a number of things: mark how many posts you did, maybe you took a week off of blogging, etc. This page is pretty cool and I'm excited to see how this helps me in planning and watching my social media growth. 
They also give you a spot to mark personal social media goals that you may have for yourself, or to jot down notes or ideas you may have on the go.  

This is the Instagram Plan. I do a lot work and promoting on my Instagram so I plan on utilizing this to the best of it's ability. 

I don't do much on Facebook promoting my blog, but I might have to start so I can use this adorable page :)
 I love that I will have separate blog posts sections in this planner so when I'm on the go, I can make notes and write down my ideas.
As you can see by all the "this is what I love" comments, I am obsessed with this planner. I love how Leslie and Tasha created such a gorgeous colorful planner, but yet leave so much room for you to create your own masterpiece.
 I'm very excited to see how this planner works out for me over the year, and how I will customize this to be my own. For a crafter and planner, I like having options and ways to customize things, and with the Limelife Planner, they let you do that.
Leslie and Tasha spent a lot of time creating something that would satisfy their customers and they absolutely did that. I can see myself using this planner for a lifetime as things begin to change for me. This is the year that I will graduate with my Masters degree in social work, and so much is bound to change for me, and I can't imagine completing it with any other planner.

Thank you Leslie and Tasha for the beautiful planner that you created to meet the needs of your customers. You are aiding in the growth of women's careers all over the world, and making their dreams come true.

If you are looking for a planner to meet your every need, this is it. Head on over to and look over everything they have. I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

Stay tuned for a post on how I made this planner mine, and customized it to make it mine!

Until next time my friends,


  1. Wow! What a great post! Thanks for giving me ideas for how to utilize my notes pages; I also love how there are so many pages! I can't wait to see the post where you share how you make your Limelife Planner your very own!

  2. I'm waiting on my planner now So excited Would like to buy some ink to use stamps What brand of ink do you recommend


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