Friday, May 8, 2015

Etsy Spotlight: The StickerDoodle Shop

Happy Friday Beautiful ladies!! 

When I first started getting into "functional planning" one of the first shops I went to was The StickerDoodle shop. I was looking for more of a theme sticker sheet that has all of the same colors, but different types of stickers (if that makes sense). I had searched around for awhile, but finally came across Joanna's shop!

Let me tell you, when I got my very first order from her, I was completely blown away. Although they aren't pictured here, because I've used them all, they were absolutely perfect! I know I had to ask her to be part of this series, as I truly stand behind her work as an Etsy shop owner. 

For you #listersgottalist, or midori traveler girls, she also sells inserts. She sent me one (but I stinkin' used it before I could take a photo of it). But it was gorgeous. It was a navy blue insert, that was so smooth and assembled very nicely. I am actually using it for May #listersgottalist so you'll be able to see it over on my IG.  

Let me show you a few stickers she offers:
These are very hard to see, but they are light blue and light pink sampler sheets. They have different types of stickers on one sheet: flags, strips, tear drop, small dots, and mini tear drops. There are 49 stickers on each page. And are so cute! (due to them being a very pastel color, it's very hard to see the sticker lines).
The next sets are her metallic stickers. They come in both gold and silver and are absolutely gorgeous. Similar to the other stickers, it's very hard to see the sticker cuts. But they also come as a sampler sheet so you get all different types of stickers. They have 51 stickers on each page. They add a little pop of shimmery goodness to your layouts! 
Next up are her icons, and full/strip boxes! Just check out her colors, and quality of each sticker she makes. My favorite are the paint brushes to mark when I have craft time, or I need to stop at a craft store.For me, there is just something about the colors she uses that makes them all look so summery and festive.
Here are a few of her "themed" pages I was telling you about! They are the best I have ever seen! She has matching sets for each theme she has. There are always full pages of tear drops (as shown below), full boxes, half boxes, or washi strips for each pattern/set she has shown, so if you really like one pattern, you can stock up on them!
These are 2 sets of her full and half box spring colored stickers. They have a shimmer, bubble look to them which makes them very cute in your layouts. And again, I love the colors!
The StickerDoodle shop, is one of the best shops on Etsy when it comes to planner stickers. 
I'm huge on customer service and quality of the product, and she by far exceeds excellent on both categories.

Since she is such a sweetheart, she has offered all of my readers a coupon code that goes until next Friday (05/15/2015).
JLDesigns15 for 15% off your order!! 
I am telling you, you DO NOT want to miss the chance to get her goodies, especially with a wonderful coupon!!!

Thank you Joanna for being part of my series, and for having such wonderful planner supplies!

Heres the link to her Etsy shop:

Ta-Ta for now planner babes,

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