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Etsy Spotlight: The Classy Ladybug

Happy Saturday my planner girls!!!
I'll be honest with you. I have really enjoyed getting to know you ladies over the past few months, and the women that participated in this series. It has come to my attention, through a nasty IG "email/DM" that I am "trying to rip off small business owners and steal their stickers because I do not have money to purchase them". I, in no way, meant for this blog to be that. I don't do this for the free stickers. I do it because I know how difficult it is for small business to get their names out there when you have such large shops over shadowing you. My main reason for doing this, is honestly to get to know the names behind the stores. I love working with people. My full-time career (yes, i do have money to pay for stickers.....) is social work and I work with people all day. I love women who are working hard to create their own businesses to provide for their family, and if I can help in anyway, I try to do that. I do not do this for the freebies, or for the perks. I enjoy blogging about planners and stickers, and if I can help you, than so be it.
I have thought about ending this series and starting a new one, but since my post on IG, I have received several emails from other women wanting to be part of this so it will go on!!!!!
Thank you ladies for sticking up for me, and realizing that I'm not coming at this for selfish reason, but because I've enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you.
Now to the mail reason of this post:
Etsy Spotlight : The Classy Ladybug
Wendy reached out to me on etsy and asked to be part of the spotlight series. I am so glad she did because that was the first time that I've ever heard of her shop, and let me tell's awesome. Her paper is fantastic. It's more of a glossy paper, and that's different for me. Usually I use matte paper when I order because I like to write on them, but hers are so cute. I really like that hers are different than any others, because to me, that made them stand out. Wendy sent me a massive collection and variety of different stickers.  

Here are the stickers she sent me:

First up, her money sampler. I absolutely love this sampler. I am one of the few that pay their bills with checks still, so I love that she has the checkbook on here. I'm  totally going to use that on the first day of the month when I sit down and write every check out. The rest will be used to mark when credit card bills are due, and pay days. I'm also starting a savings plan, so I'm going to use the cute pigs to mark end of the month totals.

 I am loving these target hearts. I'm going to obviously use these when I need to go raid the Target dollar spots!!!

OMG! These are probably some of my favorite stickers I have ever received. These are the cutest little Target dogs I have ever seen. I think these will mean that I'll be going to Target a lot more than usual just so I can use these. Thanks, Wendy!

This is her nursing collection, and they are so adorable! These are actually up for a giveaway on my Instagram: JenniferLynneDesigns! Since I'm not a nurse, I figured someone else would use these better than I :)

I love these grocery bags as well. She leaves  a spot for you to write the amount you spent. I'm using these to mark the amount I send at the grocery store. I really love the quality of these stickers. 

These adorable brushes are the cutest things ever. Obviously, I am going to use them as their intended purchase. 

Seriously obsessed with these.. I grew up watching ClueLess, and it was by far one of my favorite shows. Wendy didn't know that when she included this, but I'm seriously obsessed. THANKS WENDY!!!!!!

These are so cute as well. I'm going to use them to mark when I go to the public market. It's one of my favorite places in the world, and never thought there would be such a perfect sticker for it, and now there is. Love them!

Everybody hates doing laundry (i think, at least I do) but when you have cute, colorful laundry baskets to mark it, it makes it a little bit easier. I really love the glossiness of these. 

I hate weighing myself, but these are so cute to mark it. I do have a goal right now to lose 7 pounds, so I'm going to use these to make sure I keep my butt on task.

These are going to serve two purposes. I'm going to use them to mark when I fill up my tank, and also when my gas logs are due for my job. I keep track of all the financials at my company in terms of fuel (I work in the car rental business) so every month I need to turn in everything so these will be perfect. 

And seriously Wendy? You are amazing. Who doesn't love Mean Girls and their quotes. I'm pretty sure every female can quote this movie, and now I can put them in my planner. WAHOO. That's so fetch, Wendy! ;)

I am loving these Sex and the City martini glasses!!! And the quotes! I never watched the show, but I have watched the movie. I'm going to have to watch the TV series now, here I come Netflix! ;)

This is a super cute green and purple sampler. I'm obsessed with the stars and arrows. These will definitely be put to use this month as the color theme in my new Limelife planner is green. So cute. 

I LOVE THESE!! I love the colors and brightness of these weekend banners. They are also a little bit shiny which makes them so cute on the planner page!!!
These are so different and unique, I love them! Seriously so cute.

And what girl doesn't like stickers that resemble pampering yourself? I've totally already used these to mark my manicures that I treat myself every two weeks. Getting my nails done, is so relaxing to me.

As you can see Wendy is very talented and has fantastic quality.
She offers so many options as you can see, but
She is such a sweetheart, and has fantastic customer service. She even messaged me several times just to make sure that my followers had the special coupon code. She's a doll.

The special coupon code is:
JLD25 for 25% off your entire purchase

Seriously go checkout her shop, it's amazing and a one-stop-shop!
To Wendy, thank you for your kindness and generosity! And thank you for having my back with those Etsy Bullies! ;)

Until next time my friends,

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