Saturday, May 2, 2015

Etsy Spotlight #3: Ccheeksdesigns

Happy Saturday Planner Girls (or guys if you're out there)!

I hope you guys had a wonderful week! Mine was packed full with the end of the semester, but it's finally over for a few months! Hooray!!

Today I am featuring a wonderful Etsy shop owner, Caroline. Caroline had reached out to me on Instagram after I made a post regarding my blog. I took one look in her shop and knew I had to include her in this series. She makes some of the cutest, most vibrant stickers!

First off let me show you what she sent:
  • She included the check flag stickers that I use almost every week, and they're in the prettiest colors. They really are so bright and vibrant. They add a pop to my page for sure!
  • She added some cupcakes that I'm going to put aside for next years planner. I think I'm going to use them on the monthly page to mark someones birthday! They are seriously cute!!
  • There are mini make-up brushes and mascara stickers! I don't really wear a lot of make-up but I'm going to use those when I need to purchase new stuff! (I try to rotate mascera, and buy new every month).
  • There are two sizes of nail polish bottles! I'm a runner so I get pedicures quite often as my toe nails always look gross if I don't haha, so these will most definately come in handy!
  • Popcorn stickers- my boyfriend and I love going to the local dollar theater and watch older movies, so I go through a lot of movie/popcorn stickers, and these are so bright and colorful! 
  •  Blow dryer and hair straightener- I have super curly hair so I don't straighten it too often, so these will come in handy to mark the days that I do! 
  • And the bows! Seriously who doesn't like bow stickers? They are so cute and colorful. I've already used about 6, so good thing  I took this picture first ! 
Caroline was so sweet and kind to work with. She kept me updated on shipping, and included a coupon code without me even asking. She shipped in a bubble envelope, which was decorated and adorable. She definitely gets a 5 out of 5 for me. The quality of her stickers, her packaging, and her customer service far exceed excellence.

Caroline included a coupon code for my followers:
JENLYNNEFANS : for 15% off orders $5+.

Thank you for participating Caroline, and thank you for great service and products!

If you or anyone else would like to participate in a spotlight blog post, send me a DM through IG, and we can talk about what the next steps are! :)

Until next time, planner ladies!

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