Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Morning Struggles

Good Morning, my planning ladies!
Happy Saturday! I am completely exhausted this weekend, and I find myself working overtime!
I hope you all had a wonderful, successful week! My planner hasn't left my side this week as it has been one heck of a week. Between grad school and working 55 hours a week, it's been physically exhausting. I have purchased a tablet/notebook so that I will have more access to blogging and staying in touch with you all!
I just wanted to share my end of the week layout. I am very tempted to try a different planner this coming year, but we'll see!!

Aaaand, here it is!
I have gotten into a "planning groove" as they say! I don't use as much washi as I used to (which is inconvenient as I know own probably 300 rolls :/). As you can see from the picture, I primarily use functional stickers. I don't necessarily have a faaavorite shop, but instead, I use a ton from different shops.
I love keeping a theme. I usually stay with one color. I'll pick a washi color, and then go from there. Here I chose a gold and black hex washi that I got from AC Moore. I don't have many gold stickers so I decided to use a light blue sticker theme.
At the beginning of the week, I go throughout and write down all of my appointments. Things like vet appointments, class schedule, doctor appointments, and most importantly DATE NIGHTS :)
Then as I go through, I'll make lists, and schedule things that need to get done during the day like Post Office stops, or small grocery lists, and of course blog and instagram things.
There are a few stickers that I have here that I'm not sure where they came from, so I will list below the ones I know!
Cat Litter Box: NicoleHutchDesigns
Instagram: RAK
Half Box: PlannerFrenzy
Quote Sticker: Ollie.Emily
Small Astrick: Erin Condren
Small Phone/Mail: PlannerFrenzy
Smile/Heart: HeidiSwapp (Michaels)
Banner: TheAlexStudio
Camera: Kreative_Keo
Well my friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! And a wonderful planned week! :)
Next week I will begin a new feature: Etsy Spotlight Blog Posts.
Stay tuned for more planner goodies and ideas!
from JenniferLynneDesigns

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