Saturday, April 25, 2015

Etsy Spotlight Post: PlannerFrenzy

Here I am with Etsy Spotlight Post #2-
Let me first start out with how I got to know this wonderful woman.
Besides being a planner and blogger, I own Jennifer Lynne Designs, which I make greeting cards, bridal shower/wedding invitations, holiday cards, etc., so I was in desperate need of finding a sticker for my planner that designated time for crafting. I made a post on the EC Marketplace, and Jen, the owner of PlannerFrenzy commented and said she'd make me something. She came up with the cutest washi tape sticker, that had craft written on them. Mind you, she had them done in the matter of 4 hours! It was the quickest turn around I have EVER seen in a custom order. So of course, I went into her etsy shop and ordered a ton more. If I had to rate Jen out of 5 stars (5 obviously being the best), she'd get a 6. On every single level, she has exceeded my expectation.
First off, her packaging is adorable. She ships in a cardboard mailer, and inside is this adorable chevron tissue paper/gift bag. She wraps your stickers in a cellophane baggie, and attaches a free sample. She did that on both my purchase, and my review order. She also has EXTREMELY quick shipping, especially with a custom order!
Here's a sample of her packaging:
Sticker Examples:
My favorite order from her is definitely the customer order I requested. These are small washi tape icons that say "craft" on them. This allows me to schedule time for myself to work in my small business! Like seriously how cute are these stickers!
These are super cute bill icons. These colors are even prettier in person!
Birthday stickers! These will be kept away until I get my planner for next year. I love how cute and small they are that they will stand out, but not take up too much space. They are seriously the cutest things I've ever seen!  
 Bright colored patterned banners!
Adorable cameras, and sense I began taking photos of my planner and creations for my blog & IG (jenniferlynnedesigns), camera stickers come in handly to remind me! 
May colored full check boxes, she has these color coordinating boxes for each month! 
These are a must have as well. I'm all about function, and brightness, and these do the trick! Perfect size, colors, and soooo functional!
These are my very first date night stickers (shame on me, as I've been with my guy for 5 years :/), and they are perfect. Who doesn't love date nights?! :) 
Flower banners for your spring decorations! They are seriously adorable, bright, and lifelike! I'm loving them on gloomy days in Rochester, NY. Reminds me that there is an end in sight ;)!
Full Scalloped Boxes, seriously adorable!!!!! 
And last but not least, these ADORABLE plan stickers!

So now that you've seen her stickers first hand, let me go over a small Top 5 of why her stickers and shop get a 5/5 stars!
1 Adorable Packaging, cute and fun!
2. All of the orders came with a sampler pack! (at least mind did ;) )
3. Each sticker comes with 2 sheets! This makes it so you don't have to order as often, but really makes you want too :)
4. Created my custom order SO quick, and shipped very fast!
5. She answers all etsy questions, and communicates efficiently!

SO bottom line, Jen from PlannerFrenzy is absolutely amazing, and totally worth a purchase.

And she was so kind to give my followers a coupon, so here's 10% off $10.00!

Head on over to Jen's shop, and have a wonderful weekend!


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