Monday, April 20, 2015

Etsy Spotlight: Introduction & Shabby Chick Crafts

Welcome to the first of many Etsy Spotlight posts!
My intention for these posts is to bring attention to some wonderful women who have opened shops on Etsy that are somewhat planner related.  I will talk about and show you some of their items, as well as give a review on them. If you, yourself are an etsy shop or know someone who is, and would like to be part of this series, leave a comment below or DM me on IG (jenniferlynnedesigns)

Todays feature is the lovely shop called Shabby Chick Crafts:
Jenny was kind enough to send me a bunch of her paperclips that she has made for review.
These are some of the CUTEST paper clips I've ever seen.
 Above you'll see two different types of paper clips: ribbon clips and a jumbo clip. She sent me a few others but those are packed away in a giveaway that will be taking place this week on my Instagram (jenniferlynnedesigns).

Jenny's shop and paper clips are the best quality that I have seen. The ribbon clips are so adorable, and functional. I use them in both my planner, as well as blogging notebooks. They are both secured with strong glue so  you won't have to worry about the item falling off, or the ribbon becoming undone, which is an issue I had with other shops before. She is extremely talented when it comes to paperclips. I totally wouldn't buy them from anyone but her!

She has recently added new things to her site such as ADORABLE tassels, pens, dashboards, planner dividers if you use a ring bound planner, and some other cute goodies.

Now for the best part of the post...COUPON CODE!!! Jenny was so kind an offered a coupon code for my followers on my blog & IG. So head on over, and use this code to get some wonderful planner products.

10% off, $5.00 minimum : JENLYNNEFANS

Thank you guys so much for reading, and I hope you head on over to Jenny's shop Shabby Chick Crafts and stock up!!


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