Friday, January 9, 2015

Back at it!

 Custom Flags - Nicole Hutch Designs

Hello to my faithful followers!

I hope all of your holidays went wonderful, and now you are finally getting a chance to relax and get set on your goals for 2015. One of my goals is to be faithful to my blog. As many of you know, I use Instagram (craftyjen23) and my Facebook account more than my blog. I love sharing my planner and the goodies that come along with it! 

So I need your help! I get discourage when I don't get feedback from my followers! I am interested in doing this every week if ya'll can help! 

My goal for this first post is to get feedback from ya'll. Please leave me comments for what you'd like to see in my posts. Also post something you hope to learn or could use help with! 

I will be sending a pretty decent RAK  for one of the individuals that leaves me some feedback.

I will leave you with my week layout. This is next weeks layout. I will tag the shops from where I got the stickers.  

Custom Flag Stickers -
Astrick (both large and small) -
The Erin Condren Pattern and Ombre heart sticker are printables out of the We Love EC facebook page files- definately check them out for all your planner needs & wants :) 

Thank ya'll so much! I'm looking forward to all your feedback and our journey of organization this year!



  1. I'd like to see how y o u come up with uour weekly layouts and plan your week. I'm new to the ECLP it ahold be here by Monday I'd like to learn how to make stickers, dashboards, and other goodies for my planner

  2. It's nice to see another social worker using an EC! :-)

  3. I would love to see organizational posts, weekly work space, collection of stickers, washi tape, etc.

  4. Your weekly layouts! I love seeing everybody's weeks. (:

  5. Another social worker (2nd yr student) here using EC! Wondering why the kikki k wasn't work for you- I want to try it but worried it will become too heavy! Just so pretty!


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