Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Etsy Blogspot: KaidensMomShops

Hey ladiesssss!

Long time no see!
I am so sorry I have been MIA but I have been busy planning a wedding, and finishing grad school! (I don't think I have ever been more stressed ;) ) Thank God for my planner! :)

I had put up a post a few weeks back about doing another shop post, and Marisa messaged me and here we are. 
She sent me some of the most adorable stickers and they've just been sitting since I got them since I wanted to post about them before I used them!
Now I am so excited that I can finally use them! Haha!

First off, I wanted to say how great it was to work with Marisa. She was so patient and understanding towards me when I was clearly overwhelmed. She was nervous for this post, but I have no idea why! Her products speak for themselves. They are absolutely gorgeous. The colors are perfect, the cuts are perfect, and the designs are perfect. I have had the pleasure of using a lot of stickers throughout my blog postings, and she may be one of my favorites! 

Everything about this shop is perfect, and I totally recommend her to anyone! 
I'll attach some pictures of her products, and you'll be able to see for yourself! 

P.S. She has a special code for you all!
COJEN15 will get you 15% off in her shop! :)

Again, thank you so much darling, and keep making gorgeous stickers!!

 On some sheets she includes little stickers after her name that go with the theme of the other stickers!

 Seriously so adorable!

 Love all of the polka dots! And the envelope!

For the days you need a reminder that you kick butt :)

 Uhm... that weekend banner. LOVE. 

 So cute for fall! Love the scarecrow!

Make sure you head on over & check out her page!
I promise you will NOT be disappointed!


Love y'all! 
Until next time,

Monday, August 17, 2015

The insides of my Kikki.K!

Hey guys!
Welcome back to my page!

Before we start, you can obviously see that I have my own domain name now! I changed my name to Creatively Organized. Do you guys like it? I wanted something a little different, something a little more vague. I didn't really like using my name for everything either so here we are!

Today's post is on the insides of my Kikki.K!
I've always been a spiral bound kind of girl. I've used so many different ones, from Walmart brands all the way to my favorites, Erin Condren and Limelife Planners.  

Recently, Limelife Planners has come out with an a5 version of their planner. It comes punched and ready to go. They had a sale for their birthday celebration, and I knew it was the perfect time to test it out. As this semester comes, I wanted a planner that I could use for multiple things. I needed something that I could have my regular day planner, my internship and school calendar, and a wedding journal. 

So here it is! 

My Kikki.K 

I bought this planner off Instagram because it was sold out when I was looking for one. And let me tell you, I am LOVING this color. It's stunning. 

The Inside

Inside Pocket

In the inside pocket, I put the clear flags that I use to mark future dates (you'll see in the future pictures), weather stickers, and an assortment of miscellaneous Etsy stickers from some wonderful shops! 

Dollar Tree Page Flags

Pouch Stickers:
Libbie & Co: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Libbieandco?ref=pr_shop_more
Marebear Crafts: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MareBearCrafts?ref=search_shop_redirect
Scribble Print Co.: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ScribblePrintsCo?ref=shop_sugg

A few more adorable stickers:
Planner Frenzy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PlannerFrenzy?ref=search_shop_redirect
Oh Hey Sticker Co.: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OhHeyStickerCo?ref=search_shop_redirect
Rorys Sweet Addictions: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RorysSweetAddictions?ref=ss_profile
PagesNMemories: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PagesNMemories?ref=ss_profile

I have two different types in my planner. I have the dividers that come with the Limelife Planner which are the cardstock monthly dividers, and I have the pastel covered Kikki.K dividers that come with the planner.

Decorated Monthly
I love using my monthly planner to mark important things from the month. I'll usually mark things like days I need to give my Kitten her medicine, appointments, Arizona Cardinals games, and important details for the wedding. 

Before Decorated Monthly
This is how my monthly looks before the month begins. I mark my important dates using the page flags that I showed before in this post. About 3-4 days before the month starts, I'll sit down and permanently put them into the planner. I usually don't put washi down yet, but I found this washi at Target and I'm obsessed with it. 

***head on over to my IG for those*** 

I have January-July binder clipped shut so that it's a little more organized. I don't like not having a full years worth of planning in here but I do take out the weeklies so it's not jam packed. 


School Section

School Schedule
This is where I'm tracking all of my internship hours and the day I have classes. I used to have a separate planner for this, but I like having both schedules together so I don't have to carry two separate ones everywhere. Once I get my class schedules, I will also record when assignments are due, and when breaks are (that's most important right?) :) 
These inserts are the ones that come with the Kikki.K planner. 

I just use post it tabs to mark the different pages in each section so that they are easy to reference. 

Blog Section
I put a LOT of notepaper in here to jot down ideas and inspiration I get throughout the day. 

Blog Calendar 
I got calendar inserts to mark when I wanted to have blog posts, but I haven't used them. 
But I am writing down inspirations as I go.
These notes are to my last blog post on DIY stickers.

Here I am marking phone numbers, companies, date of deposits, and when final payments need to be due. I have been so busy planning and organizing for the wedding, it's been nice to have everything all together. The perks of a binder planner. 

I did a homemade bill payment schedule and this allows to make sure all the payments are being paid on time! I couldn't find one that met my needs, so I made my own.
Behind this page, I have a username and password page that links up with all the payments. 

Since my boyfriend is leaving for the Army, I wanted a space that I could write down funny memories, important details, etc., that I really want to tell him. These are just Target Dollar Spot notepads that I've stamped on! I think they're adorable!

And in this section, is just a bunch of random note type pages. I use both Target dollar spot pages, and Kikki.K notepad sheets as well. I really love being able to utilize all of the notepads I've accumulated over the years! ;) 

Okay, so that's my planner. I really love this planner and all that it stands for. In this binder planner, I am able to have all aspects of my life. I don't need to carry around 3 different planners to make sure I have everything I need. I am able to be organized, yet look sophisticated when I go into work, my internship, my classes, or a wedding event. 

Life can throw you twists, and plans can change. It's nice to have a binder system that works for me, that allows me to hang on tight, and get through each day.

I hope this helps you when planning, and gives you some ideas. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below! 

Until next time,

Thursday, August 13, 2015

DIY Planner Stickers

Hey pretty girls (or guys if you're following)!
Today I'm coming at you with a different type of post.
Let me start with how I came up with this..
As many of you know, if you follow me on Instagram, I am engaged and planning a wedding for December. Money is very tight at this time, as everything I have is going towards the wedding. So a couple months ago, I went on a acrylic stamp binge and bought a TON of planner stamps. These consist of smaller words or icons that you may use in your planner. Things such as: Doctors, Vets, Errands, To Do, or a picture of a telephone.

First up: The things you need!

Planner Stamps:
I currently use 3 different types of stamps.

Studio L2e (this stamp is in the wrong packaging):

My Favorite Things:

Sweet Stamp Shop:
A few supplies:
Ink Pad - I'm a fan of black ink but you could do colored ink on a white sticker or you can do what I do!
Avery/Any brand stickers - I use the small rectangles and the circles. You can find both of these usually in the post-it section of any store. Wal-Mart has them both for $1.19 and you get a ton of stickers in each package.
Acrylic Block - You will need this to apply pressure to the stamps as they are sent to you on a thin piece of plastic.
Sharpies are my preference as they blend together really well on the stickers. I've attempted using Crayola markers and they looked awful so I just stick with my sharpies!
What to do:
1. Choose what Avery sticker works for you. I like an assortment so I do both circle and rectangle.
2. Color the stickers. I usually color a ton all at once so it's not something I need to do regularly.
3. Stamp until your heart is content.
4. Enjoy your DIY stickers, and the extra money you saved in your pockets!
The final product:
Here is just an assortment of stickers I made.
Keep going down, you'll see them close up! 

Check Lists/Balloons

More Check Lists

(Coffee Cups/Movies/Balloons/Mail/Day Off/Glasses)

How the checklists look in my planner!
I am totally obsessed with how this looks!
I think they look so adorable and vibrant inside the a5 Limelife Planner.
Its tough trying to find stickers that fit within the boxes since they are smaller than the normal ones, and the Erin Condren stickers don't fit.

Why this works for me?
1. You save yourself A LOT of money. You'll see each stamp set is worth about $15.00 max. You can reuse these forever as long as you take good care of them. Each sticker sheet you purchase on Etsy is approximately $4.00. You could get a stamp set for the cost of 4 sheets. Deal right?
2. They fit into any space. Whether you plan in a monthly, weekly, or daily planner, there is plenty of space to use these.  
3. They're so cute and personal. You can make whatever stickers you want and you won't feel guilty if they got lost or misplaces. They only cost about $.10 a sheet, even less.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Etsy Spotlight: Rory's Sweet Addictions

Hey guys!
Thank you for coming back!

Today I have a shop spotlight that has gone above and beyond for me. When I got Aurora's package, I almost fainted! I wanted to do her post right away but I knew I needed to wait. The hardest part was trying not to use the stickers before I had the opportunity to photograph them but you'll see that didn't work out as a few stickers are missing. :) ! She sent me so many stickers that if I made a comment on each sticker, we'd be here for years! 

Below are the stickers that she sent me:

Tassel Banners 

Pastel Teardrop

Nail Polish / Coffee Cups

Rubber Ducks

Trash Cans / Recycle Cans

Cleaning Samplers / Coffee Cups with Hearts

Woodland Creatures / Cameras

Dots / Donuts

Workout (bold)


Mason Jars and Flowers

Flower Circles

Movie Theme


Heart Square Check Boxes - Bold and Pastel

Heart Circular Check Boxes - Bold and Pastel

Label Boxes & Heart Stickers

Rainbow iPhones

Grocery Carts / Televisions

Ice Cream and Macaroons 

Washer Machines

Monthly Samplers

Mail Boxes / Envelopes

Laundry Baskets


Bold and Pastel Half Boxes

Weekend Banners 
As you can see below, she offers a variety of different kinds.

Heart Check Flags

As you can see, Rory makes some of the cutest stickers you will ever see as well as offers them in a variety of colors. I love when shops offer both lights and darks as some weeks you just want a vibrant page, while others you have a more relaxing pallet. All of her stickers are cut perfectly and peel off the page without a problem. 

Rory, thank you so much for allowing me to do your review, but by the looks of your stickers, you don't need me ;)

Here is the link to her etsy shop:

Rory Sweet Addictions is by far one of my favorite shops, and I know you won't be disappointed! 
She has a

Enjoy my friends,

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