Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cats, Planners, and All Lifes Good Things.

Hello everyone! :)

I'm sorry I've taken so long to post again! But I've been so busy! Although my Erin Condren is getting her full use, my blog has not. A little bit of whats going on: I've adopted a stray cat. She showed up on my porch sick, abused, and PREGNANT. She only has 1/2 her tail and is missing hair all over her body. With several doctor visits, medications, and baths...we have 3 healthy kitties and a healthy Momma. They are my blessings in disguise.
 Here's one of my blessings! :)

 Where I'm at with my planner:
I AM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH MY ECLP IN THE KIKKI.K!!! Although it looks absolutely beautiful....It's just not for me.

I cannot wait until June 12th so I can order my new 14-15 planner and leave it in the spiral bound. Although I love having all the extras, and the pretty paper samples, but with all of those things, I use less of the planner. I want to get everything out of the planner as in using all of the note pages, etc. I love the planner in its original setting.

 The New ECLP (2014-2015)
I, so far, love all the changes! I love the idea of the interchangeable covers! For someone who likes change, I think being able to change colors will be a great thing. I just hope they are as sturdy as the permantent ones. I also love the idea of the perpetual calander and contacts booklet. If you haven't had a chance to see all the new changes, I'll attach her link below of them all!

One more week fellow ECLP lovers! :) Yay


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