Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Monthy Layout & Week #1

Hello Everyone! I am SO sorry I haven't been keeping up with my blog! School has completely taken over my life! But today as I was getting ready for March, I thought it would be a great time to do a monthly layout blog post, so here it is :) 

 So her is my March monthly layout. It's pretty simple this month, as there isn't much going on or planned. I just used some green & blue floral washi tape that I got a Joann Fabrics, and tried to match it as much as I could to the March green theme. Then as you can see, I used some Bills Due stickers that I ordered off the wonder Etsy site : Loveaffairwithpaper. Here stickers are SO lovely and they fit perfectly into the ECLP boxes. I have them for almost everything! Then I used a Kraft sticker that I got out of the sticker sheet from the Target Dollar Spot :) Pretty cool stuff.

Now for my Weekly plans:

To start the week, I always start with washi tape. I have a thing for having the colors match for some reason! I like to keep a monthly color theme to whatever color my titles are! I always go with the EC color themes. So this month: Green! I used the same tape I used from my monthly page (from Joann's) and at the bottom I used washi I found on the Michael's clearance section (I got 2 rolls for $0.75..I was so excited, haha). Again, the personalized stickers you see come from the lovely Loveaffairwithpaper (the hydrate, date night, soccer game, church, important, and letters I said, totally worth it)! Then Mary Catherine Hoover (check her out on FC, and the famous We Love EC Facebook group) makes the card stock (scrapbook paper) stickers that fit right into the EC blocks like in my Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening. On the left side of my planner, I like to keep track of what I have to do that week, what letters I receive, and what letters I send out. That just helps me track whats coming and going. (I need to come up with a better system, just haven't come up with one yet).

Well thats the beginning of my month of March. Hope you all enjoyed!

Let the planner & organizing begin!

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