Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Update

Hello friends!

What a weekend it has been! I feel like not only was this weekend full of relaxation, I was also able to get a lot accomplished. Although I barely touched the list that I made on Friday, I realized something so much more important.

For the last few months, I would get so upset whenever I looked into a mirror. I noticed changes in my body that I haven't ever seen before. Fat going in places it's not suppose to, and staying there. I have no one to blame but myself. I began eating badly and not taking care of my body. It really shows now.

Everyone says: "But you're still skinny". Skinny is not what I'm going for; healthy is. Although looking great in a bathing suit is a MAJOR perk, feeling better and more energized is much more important. I started making changes a few weeks ago but would cheat on my diet every day. I wouldn't even call what I was doing a diet.

This time is different. Like I said before, my goal isn't to be skinny. It's to be healthy. To feed my body what it been longing for is my goal. I will admit, there is a weight goal I have set for myself but with the understanding that muscles weighs a lot more than fat, so I realistically may not make that goal.

I will set myself up for success through my meal planning, working out schedule, and with self-determination. I want to try new workouts, and try new things. I want to love running again like I used too. I know I can do it. It starts with me saying "yes" and not making excuses for myself.

Stay tuned, I will share as this journey I'm on continues!

Here's me trying a new workout: Tire flipping. (clearly the grammatical term for it).

This time will be different. I know it.


My weekend was amazing. My husband and I spent the afternoon working out and visiting some monuments here on the island. It helps that our gym is in walking distance of Pearl Harbor. Seriously such an amazing site to see. I snapped some photos as we walked around, and will leave them below.

It really was an amazing weekend, and one I hope will remain in my mind for a long time.

Us on our Saturday night date: Cheat meal of the week was California Pizza Kitchen ;) SO WORTH IT.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, and met some of your goals. Here's to a good week of life changes and making our goals! (Well in Hawaii, we still have one more day off...thank God for Hawaiian holidays :) )!

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Peppermint Project Diffuser Bands

Hey friends!

I know I told you in my last post that I'm going to start sharing things that help make me feel like a better and happier person. Since I started using Essential Oils, I have seen so many changes in my life. One of them is it helps me adjust my emotions naturally. I like to use them daily for when I need a boost of energy or something to ground me. Although they smell amazing and work great, it's kind of a pain in the butt to put them on every 15 minutes.

So, I really wanted to look for something that diffuses them throughout the day. I looked up necklaces but they wouldn't work for me since I use a lanyard all day at work. While browsing Etsy, I came across this shop called The Peppermint Project. The Peppermint Project makes Braided Herringbone Vegan Faux Leather Diffusing Bracelets.

First off, shipping was SO quick. I ordered them, and they were here (in Hawaii) in 1 week or less. I was so excited. That never happens to anything I buy here. I ordered 2 bracelets. At the time, she had a deal that certain colors were $6.00 so I took advantage of that. I bought the lavender and the gold. (See Below).

Guys. When I say life changing, I mean it. I love putting the oils I need on this bracelet in the morning based on my emotional support needs. As a social worker, I definitely use a lot of peppermint to avoid future head pain and lavender to keep me calm. I also like to add a little En-R-Gee to get my butt in gear on those tough days. The oil scents last good 24 hours, but I noticed that mine lasted even longer. (Even better ;) )

The Peppermint Project has so many option to pick from. She has so many colors that also include metalic versions as well as really cool beaded bracelets. Below are a few options that you can choose from. The options are endless.

Lucky for you, she offered a coupon code for you all to use! If you head over to The Peppermint Project on Etsy, you can use POH25 to get 25% off your purchase. 

ALSO, since you read alllll the way to the bottom, The Peppermint Project & I are having a giveaway. She is GENEROUSLY giving one lucky winner either 4 single bracelets OR a beaded one and a single braclet.

Comment with your favorite oil!
Easy as that ;)

If your interested in learning more about oils & joining my team:

To shop and use the coupon code, head to:

I hope you all enjoyed this post, and will enter the giveaway.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Checking In and Update!

Friends! Hi!

I hope you are all doing great. I have really missed you all!

First off, I wanted to apologize for my lack of posts over the past few months. To be completely honest, the last few months have been tough. I started work at the end of September, and I'm a full time social worker. I spend majority of my days working and for a while, I would come home and be so completely exhausted that I would put my PJ's on immediately and start Netflix. I got into a really bad routine. I stopped taking care of myself. I worked, slept, and hung out with my husband when he was home. I didn't workout, blog, or do anything that used to make me happy.

My routine made me sad.

I found myself getting into a funk. I was always miserable, unhappy, and tired. My husband could really tell. I didn't want to do anything that involved anything other than Netflix, PJ's, and my home. After  I really began to notice changes in myself physically, emotionally, and mentally, I knew it was time to do some soul searching.

I really wanted to figure out exactly what used to make me happy? What things used to make me feel productive, successful, and confident with myself? What could I do again to bring the old Jen back, because I missed her and I know my husband did too.

Well with some help (and serious prayer), I remembered a few things.

The number one thing that I stopped doing was working out and taking care of my health. Working out is something that I used to do my whole life. I mean, I played college soccer so sports and fitness were literally my whole life. It was constant and something I could always depend on to be there. It's a fantastic natural stress reliever and helps you better yourself at the same time. So to get back into it, I made it an appoint to push myself to run or workout at least 4 times a week. It's a number that I can commit to and feel confident that I can complete it. So far, since I've made that goal, I have been able to achieve it and I can already see a difference in myself.

I also remembered that blogging and planning makes me happy too! SO here I am.

But this time, It's going to be different. I am going to blog about everything. I want to share my world with you and I know this is the best way for me to do it. I always feel like I have something to share with the world but never sure how to do it.

So here I am world. I am going to be open and real. I'm going to share with you my life in terms of life in Hawaii, blogging, planning, health and fitness, and my new found love of Essential Oils.

I hope your happy to see a new post from me, and I know I am happy to be back. I'm ready to make this journey mine again, and I know this is a great place to start! Please let me know if there is anything you want to know or see, and I would be happy to address it!

PS- I hope you love to see Hawaii pictures, because man this island is beautiful.

Until next time,

Sunday, October 16, 2016

My new obsession : LulaRoe and a Giveaway!

Guys.. I must be honest.

I am usually one that strays away from "Direct Sales" companies. For some reason, they scare me.
When I first moved to this island, I met up with Kelsey for coffee. She was telling me all about how she was pursuing her dream and starting a business in Lularoe. Not going to lie, when I got back to the hotel, I had to google it.

Now I see it everywhere! I love going places and seeing different styles and patterns on other people. When you see Lularoe, you know it's Lularoe.

I am hooked.

The patterns and styles are all unique. There are only around 5000 pieces made from each pattern, meaning there is a slim chance that you'll ever see someone wearing your shirt! :)

Lularoe products are beautiful, soft, and comfortable. I am now a proud owner of 8 pieces. I own 1 Julia, 3 Randys, 1 Amelia, 1 Azure, and 2 pairs of GORGEOUSLY buttery leggings.

I went over to Kelsey's and did a little photo shoot so you could see a few pieces that she carries!!

Here is the Julia:
So comfy, and flowy!

This is a Julia with a Lindsey.

Here is the Classic Tee and the Azure skirt. I adore this look.
 Definitely one of my favorites as well!

I was able to dress up, and be super comfy for date night!
I just love the Julia.
I personally like to go up a size so its loose and flowing for me!

Kelsey wanted to say a few things to you guys:
"Hello! My name is Kelsey Bellmore, I'm 27, and I'm a Lularoe Fashion Consultant. I decided to start selling Lularoe after buying my first pair of leggings. I was hooked and the rest was fate. I was looking for a change of pace from my normal 9-5, and I saw what this company could give to me. Not only are Lularoe's clothes absolutely amazing, but so is the company itself. Lularoe's mission statement is "Lularoe; where through fashion, we create freedom, serve others, & strengthen families. A place where lives are being blessed & dreams are achieved through love, purpose, confidence, trust, & growth." No truer words have ever been spoken about a company. Not only is Lularoe blessing the lives of their consultants but they are blessing their customers with amazing clothing and confidence. I love that I get to help women feel beautiful everyday."

Now you can see why it's so easy to fall in love with these clothes. They are beautiful, comfortable, and make you feel so confident.

Want a chance to win a pair of leggings?
All you have you have to do is go join Kelseys FB page :

And after you've done that, comment Done! on here!
Kelsey will pick a winner next Sunday!!!
Good luck friends!

Until next time,

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: Create with Pen

Happy Saturday my friends!

I am back today with another Etsy shop that may be one of my recent favorites. 

I have changed my planning style. 

I still use my Erin Condren, but I am making sure its COMPLETELY functional, and less "pretty". Part of my new method is setting goals, and actually achieving them. Crazy right? w
Well along with being functional, I still wanted to make sure that it's inspiring and encouraging. Jen from Create with Pen on Etsy hand letters and water color paints her own stickers. They are beautiful, unique, and very inspiring. I love her lettering and the colors that she chose. 

These are kiss-cut stickers on beautiful paper, and they are amazing. Although she is a Canadian based shop, it only took 3 days to get to Hawaii. That is incredible. She also ships in a hard mailer which made sure that the stickers arrived in perfect shape.

Jen really works hard to make sure these stickers are beautiful and I am so honored that she sent these to me for review. 

Here are a few of the stickers that she sent me!

These are my favorite!!!

I am really obsessed with these stickers and cannot wait to use them in my planner. I am so thankful for Jen and her sending these to me!

If you want to get your hand on some of these for yourself, head on over to her shop! She offers her new releases for 30% off, so make sure you are following her on Instagram to make sure you catch them! 

Her shop: 

Until next time,

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: MakitonandCo

Good Morning Planner Ladies! <3

We are back today with another Etsy shop. This shop has such unique designs and that's what drew me in. Maki is the owner of MakitonandCo. Maki designs all of her own doodles and turns them into stickers with her husband. These stickers are seriously SO cute!

Maki was so kind and sent me some of the most beautiful and creative stickers I have ever seen. These are all kiss cut, and the colors are to die for. The paper she uses is so soft and smooth, which makes the colors pop.

My favorite part of the planning community is the uniqueness and kindness that comes out of it. This shop makes that clearly evident. My favorite sheet is the fall doodle sheet. I love everything about it!

Here are a few sheets she sent me:

As you can see, Maki has some of the most beautiful and adorable stickers I have ever seen. She is also so incredibly kind, and I have enjoyed talking to her and getting to know her through this process.

This planner community is something special and I am so glad to be part of it.

Thank you so much Maki for working with me, and for sending me these beauties.

Head on over to her Etsy and check her out:

Until next time,

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Etsy Spotlight: Purple Trail

Hello friends!

I am back this lovely Wednesday afternoon with a review on quite an amazing shop.
This shop is different than most. Although they do have an Etsy shop, they are also a widely known online planner store. Although I don't use their planner currently, I may have to look into after seeing the quality and colors of these stickers.

Tamese reached out to me after I applied to their blogger program and asked if I would review their stickers, and of course I said yes. I emailed her on a Wednesday, and I had these stickers in my mailbox by Saturday. I was amazed.

Then I opened the package.

Purple Trail uses a vinyl type paper which makes the colors so bright and vibrant. I was so impressed when I received them. I immediately took photos because I knew I couldn't keep them in my photograph pile for too long, or else I'd end up photographing them with stickers missing. They are that great.

They offer 3 different sets and each set can be purchased in 3 8.5x11 sheets or 4 6x8 sheets.
They offer Planner Stickers, Teacher Planner Stickers, and Push Pin Planner Stickers.

I received the Planner Stickers set and the Push Pin Planner Sticker set.
I'm not a teacher or in school, so I didn't think it would be useful to me.
I am already obsessed with these, and can't wait for Purple Trail to come out with more.
Each set is $7.00, which if you think about it, is an amazing deal!

Below are the stickers included in each set!

Planner Stickers Set

Push Pin Planner Set

As you can see for yourself, these stickers are amazing, and the colors are to die for.

I can see these stickers being a huge hit in the planner community.

Like I stated before, Purple Trail is also a planner company that allows you to completely customize your planner. I have never used one, but have heard really great things about them. If there planners are anything like these stickers, I can assure you that you will not want to miss out.

They have both a website and an Etsy shop which I'll put below.

I just wanted to thank Tamese for allowing me to review these, and for sending them so quickly. I think these are amazing stickers, and will definitely be added into my go-to sticker stash.


I hope you have a great rest of your week, and that you head over to Purple Trail and check it out for yourself.

Until next time,

Weekend Update

Hello friends! What a weekend it has been! I feel like not only was this weekend full of relaxation, I was also able to get a lot accompli...